Our Staff


Tybias Butler

Head Instructor & Owner 

Tybias started his martial arts career at the age of 15, and won his first amateur fight in 2007 in Tunica, MS. He competed in over 30 tournaments all over the world from full contact to Taekwondo tournaments. After receiving his black belt in 2008, he moved into other martial arts styles. As a kid Tybias trained in martial arts and acting with the hope to one day be the best martial art star in the film business. He started doing stage preforming during his high school years and won the trophy for best supporting actor. He joined the military in 2007 to protect our great nation. After serving as a infantry soldier in a combat zone, he became a infantry drill sergeant and begin his path of being a instructor. Tybias is currently serving as a drill sergeant in the U.S Army Reserve. He started Military Tactical Film Academy after seeing the need for a military academy that can provide actors and actress with the training that they truly need and deserve to be the best hero's & villains In any film. Since started his company, he has consistently brought passion and dedication every single day. His experience in war and his martial arts training makes him a exceptional instructor.


Xavi Israel

Instructor & Acting Coach 

Xavi is originally from Chicago. He had a thriving amateur and professional athletic career ranging from football, wrestling and jiujitsu. His football career was abruptly ended when he was faced with a career-ending injury. That eventually led him to his other undeniable passion as an actor. 

Xavi moved to Hollywood and started his career as a actor which led him to a successful career as action based performer.  He took the leap of faith going from his beloved Windy City of Chicago to Hollywood.  Fortunately, his calling as a performer and creator was born! Xavi have had the chance to land lead roles and more in over 30 films, ranging from movies to tv shows, such as: FOX, TNT, Netflix, NBC and many many more. He looks forward to helping other motivated performers move closer to their potential and dreams as rising tides raise all ships!



Photographer & Camera Operator 

Sergio Freire, also know as Checho, director, producer and editor, carries a knack for abstract point of views. He doesn't work within the typical mainstream appeal, but chooses to take surrounding elements and creates visual effects to sweeten up the scene. He enjoys learning more efficient and strategic workflows and developing teams that match his passion for the arts. At the age of 16 he started his first proprietorship. His dedication to the art made him switch from a regular suburban school to a specialized art school in the city. At that time, the school was named Saint Paul’s Creative Arts High School, MN, and he graduated Class of 2011; specializing in Advanced Art & Visual Media. He simultaneously trained as a producer in the Institute of Production & Recording, Minneapolis, MN 2011–2013. His most current degree is in Applied Science for Audio Engineering for Sound Design for Visual Media & Post Production. While attending these schools, he won a scholarship to film school From the Sound Unseen Music Award: Best-of- the-Fest - 4th Annual .EDU Film Festival, MN 2011. He did not take the scholarship due to his plans to become a big studio audio engineer. Coming out of the institute, he became local household name by becoming a published Music Video Director in the City Pages, Star Tribune, MN 2013-2015; most notably, for  producing and directing local talent in the rap/hip hop scene. Since then, he has been writing treatments and editing music videos and short ads for small businesses and entrepreneurs like him. In 2017, he moved from the Midwest to Georgia, where he became a radio/podcast producer for a non-profit, the United Intentions Foundation. He also designed graphics and edited marketing content for their Facebook campaigns. Taking on so many roles, he decided to offer all of his services as a contracted freelancer. Soon after leaving the foundation, he worked on more logos, websites and promotional campaigns. In 2020, he jumped out of the freelance world to master studio & portrait photography in Atlanta where he became his photography studio’s company marketer. Since then he has been a major resource to his new found network and his dedication to teach others how to publish content on their own has only gotten bigger.